Unlimited 1-on-1 Pitcher Development Program With Former MLB Pitcher Pat Ahearne

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Experience personalized coaching from Former Major League Pitcher, Pat Ahearne. Stay healthy, max your velocity, improve command.
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Transform Yourself From A Good Pitcher To A Great One

UNLIMITED Pitching Video Analysis From Former Major League Pitcher, Pat Ahearne.

$59/Month Special offer ONLY $29/month

Unlimited Video Analysis
I work as hard as you do. Send as many pitching videos as you need for ongoing analysis.
Professional Coaching
Direct access to a former Major League Pitcher, Master certified by the NPA and by the NASM.
Video Analysis Works
See your progress, develop your skills, have a pro pitching coach on your team!
Reap the Benefits
Stay healthy, improve command, increase velocity. That's just the beginning!

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Discover the advantage of Video Analysis and having a professional pitching coach on your team!

Start now for $59/month the introductory rate of ONLY $29/month.

Unlimited Pitching Video Analysis For Only $29/Month

Here's What You Can Expect:

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Meet Coach Pat Ahearne

Pat Ahearne is a 17 year, injury-free professional baseball pitcher and former Major Leaguer. He is an NASM and ACE certified personal trainer, a Sports Performance Specialist (NASM-PES), a Level 5 Master Certified NPA Coach and your personal pitching coach on The Way of Baseball.

"My priorities are the player's health, effectiveness on the mound, and a positive experience in baseball. Video coaching and good info can be key to accomplishing this."

Check Out What Others Are Saying:

He knows his material and communicates with players extremely well. I'd recommend Pat to players trying to reach the next level. 

-Peter F., Austrian Baseball Coach

Pat helped our pitchers gain velocity & command of their pitches. He had their arm care as his number one priority.  With Pat, our pitching staff did great.

-Terry B. 10U Dist. 23 Champion Coach

Pat has the experience, knowledge, patience, and understanding to improve any pitcher at any age. He worked with my club and turned an ordinary pitching staff into a great one!

-Mike M., Travel Team Coach

Pat gets right to the point in explaining what needs to be adjusted in your mechanics and it works right away. Other coaches would just talk on and on.

- Mikey B., Youth Pitcher

After the first Video Analysis if you decide this program isn't for you, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

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It's A Low Risk, High Reward Offer

Cost Effective
Private Lessons can be $60/hour or more. Now you have a pro coach on your team for $29/month
Money Back Guarantee
If after the first video analysis, you decide it's not for you, we will refund your money no questions asked.
Qualified Coach
Former MLB pitcher, Pat Ahearne, played 17 pro seasons injury-free and is Master Certified by the NPA and NASM.
Unlimited Access/Quick Turnaround
You have unlimited access to all your videos in a private folder and when received, turnaround time is 2 business days.
Personalized Coaching
Coach Pat will personally review each video and offer analysis and suggestions specific to your mechanics.
Beyond Pitching Benefits
When mechanics improve, confidence rises, you feel more in control on the mound, and success and fun are sure to follow!

There's No Better Time To Get Started Than Now!

Space Is Limited to 50 Pitchers A Month During This $29/Month Introductory Offer.