About Pat

Former Major League Pitcher, NPA Level 5 Master Certified Pitching Coach, 17 year injury-free professional

Meet Pat Ahearne

I'm Pat Ahearne, owner of the Way of Baseball and professional pitching coach. I built the site to coach YOU and transform you into a better baseball player. We can do that via Unlimited Video Analysis. You can scroll down for more of my story and click this button to get started. Looking forward to it and thanks for letting me coach you.

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Playing Experience

College World Series Champion, Major League time with Detroit, 17 years of pro ball with 10 seasons of Winter Ball, all INJURY-FREE.

Coaching Experience

NPA Level 5 Master Certified Coach; Professional Baseball Experience; International Experience; Junior, Senior, and University Level National Team Experience
Professional coaching
Pitch effectively, injury-free, and for a long time. You can anticipate quality info in a positive environment. But it won't be a big INFO DUMP on your head. The coaching is practical, useful, and effective tailored to your needs
Pat Ahearne
I'm excited and impressed that you would be reading the About page so thoroughly. It reminds me of me. That kind of thorough is some of what's needed to compete successfully.

Some Fun Facts

Baseball in the USA
18 seasons, 2105.1 Innings, 327 starts, 117 wins (116 losses, OVER .500! YES!), and 1220 Ks (probably 4000 ground ball outs).
Major League Time
With Detroit, I got about 4 days less service time than Crash Davis. But the guys who were my first Major League strikeout and first homer allowed both appeared on Seinfeld! (Danny Tartabull on a curveball, and Paul O'Neill a change up that clipped the overhang at old Tiger Stadium)
Global Baseball Focus

How many countries have I visited as a player or coach? 15 and counting!

That's a lot of passport control.

International Teams
I've had the opportunity to coach the Czech Junior and Senior National teams and the U18, University level, and Senior Hong Kong National teams, participating in the European Championships, The Baseball World Cup, The Asian Games, U18 Asian Championships, and FISU World Championships.
Weather Phenomena
Can't control the weather or my weather based team mascots. At one time I've played for The Waves, The Tides, The Thunder, Tornado Balashika, and the Heat.
Animal Kingdom
I'M AN ANIMAL! I played for the Seahawks, Tigers, Mud Hens, Ravens, Seawolves, Aguilas (Eagles), Leones (Lions), Tiburones (Sharks), Ducks, Bluefish, Cobras, Draci (Dragons), and Wildcats.

Why do I do this?

When I first started pitching, the best info I could find was at the bookstore. So as a 10 year old, I read Pitching by Tom Seaver over and over. Basically, it was because I didn’t like to lose and by learning from and modeling guys like Tom Seaver, I figured it would help me win more often.

The VCR was another outstanding pitching coach. When I pitched for Jim O'Brien at Los Angeles Harbor College, he wondered aloud why we as players didn't watch Major League games to see how the best in the game go about their business. So I put the tape in the VCR and recorded my favorite Dodger pitcher, Orel Hershiser. Then I took those recordings and copied his pitching motion, modeling a guy in the middle of a 59 consecutive scoreless inning streak.

Nowadays, I'm able to talk to you directly via the internet. Now I can take all the baseball I have learned and experienced and continue to learn and impart that to you wherever you are and wherever I am. I'm glad you are here and that I'm able to coach you. Thank you for the opportunity.