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Pitcher Development, Velocity, Pitch Command, Arm Care, go from good to better with professional coaching from Pat Ahearne

"Baseball is a game of failure, coached by negative people, in an environment of misinformation"

This quote by my pitching guru, Tom House, is an inspiration for me. I've been in the baseball environment my whole life and I'm inspired to help players redefine what success means, provide a positive coaching and playing experience, and provide the best information on pitching success available.
Do not accept baseball is a game of failure. How you define success determines what baseball is for you.
My job as a coach is to protect a pitcher's health and prepare them for success in the game and beyond. I do this in a positive environment.
I do my best to keep up to date on pitching mechanics, mental game, physical training, and baseball strategies and pass them on to the players I coach.
As a coach, I understand even though the info may be the same, it is a skill to impart it in a positive way to youth and adult players as well as other coaches.
The Way of Baseball is a player development website run by me, Pat Ahearne, to train YOU to become a better pitcher with Velocity, Pitch Command, and Arm Health. Get started with Unlimited Video Analysis.
Pat is an NPA Level 5 Master Certified Coach, a veteran professional baseball player, former Major League pitcher, has coaching experience with Czech and Hong Kong National Teams, and played 17 years of pro ball INJURY-FREE.

This is the Way of Baseball

Protect your arm
Priority one is your health. I coach you while applying what I know from a 17 year injury-free pro career.
Player Development Focus
The mentality here is to transform you into a better player tomorrow than you were today - YOUR GROWTH as a player.
Growth Mentality
Your skills and abilities are not fixed and so the Growth Mentality is key for you as a player.
Good information
Forget the trial and error and misinformation. As your coach, I seek out the best information.
Raise the level of baseball worldwide
I’ve had opportunity to play and coach all over the world. The goal is to give back and improve the game on a global level.
Online Coaching Works
Tech gives us the ability to work wherever you are and wherever I am. When I started pitching, I only had a bookstore!

Why do I do this?

I’ve had the chance to coach pitchers at many different levels from 10 year olds to Major League pitchers. I got transformational results by coaching core concepts with just about every player I trained.

My goal is to be able to repeat the coaching that transforms players from good to better to players around the world and to YOU.

Regardless of where you are on your Way of Baseball, I can't wait to help.