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Experience personalized coaching from Former Major League Pitcher, Pat Ahearne. Stay healthy, improve velocity and command.

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Meet your coach on the Way of Baseball
Pat Ahearne is a 17 year, injury-free professional baseball pitcher and former Major Leaguer. He is an NASM and ACE certified personal trainer, a Sports Performance Specialist (NASM-PES), a Level 5 Master Certified NPA Coach and your personal pitching coach on The Way of Baseball.

Transform Yourself Into a Great Pitcher

with Coach Pat Ahearne in the following areas. A complete pitcher is strong in all four.

Personal Training
For arm health, effectiveness on the mound, game and career longevity, and velocity, get physically prepared to pitch. Coach Pat (certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine) will train you
Pitchers are the mentally toughest players on the field. Coach Pat will make you stronger mentally with proven techniques used by Major League players and College World Series Champions.
Pitching Mechanics
Get professional coaching on your pitching mechanics to maximize your potential for velocity, pitch command and arm health with Coach Pat an NPA Level 5 Master Certified pitching coach.
Skills & Strategy
Transform yourself into a complete pitcher - be great at fielding your position, use your stuff effectively with pitch design, learn how to use your stuff against different types of opponents. Go for it!

How It's Done: Pitcher Training With The Way of Baseball

Coaching in these areas
  • Pitcher Video Analysis
  • Elevate your game, do some troubleshooting, see where you can improve with video coaching programs with Coach Pat - video analysis of your pitching motion
  • Find areas for improvement
  • Troubleshoot if you're slumping
  • Video Analysis of your motion from a professional coach
  • Exercises and drills specific to your motion
  • Find out more
  • Specialized Training Courses
  • Time to step up your game in different areas. Whether it is pitching mechanics, physical training, your mental game, or other pitching skills, we have specific training for that.
  • Courses for Personal Training
  • Courses for Mental Game Training
  • Coaching for Pitching Mechaics
  • Courses for Pitching Skills & Strategies
  • Find Out More

Velocity, Pitch Command, Arm Care, Pitch Selection